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    We provide truly scalable and elastic cloud technology solutions that enable you to better focus on your consumers and unlimited business growth. Regardless of the package you choose, you can expect the highest performance from Kipitapp.


    Trusted by clients from e-commerce to Fintech industries over the past decade, we continue to deliver excellent cloud computing services abiding by European standards of IT security.


    Our group rapidly expanded our operations globally, including Kipitapp in China mainland, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Ming City, Paris and Montreal. Our global team works 24x7 as one to manage an auto-healing, cost-effective, productive and multilayered secure infrastructure that serves your web hosting packages.


    Let your business thrive with


    After initial two years of development and growth, we are proud to further deploy the Kipitapp, Keep It Up APP offer, to support Web App hosting service suitable for business of all sizes. The ultra-fast loading speed, military-grade security level and cost-effective features of Kipitapp are tailor-made for powering up your business performance. learn more about special benefits now

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