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Carrefour retail giant says blockchain tracking boosting sales of some Nestle products, further deploys blockchain use

Selling to billions through technology ...

How technology innovation with blockchain at Carrefour enables Nestle brand to boost their sales - Vivatech interview

When we took on the endeavor to help brands sell to billions through technology, our primary focus was to deliver e-commerce applications and hosting solutions to reach those peak levels of audience in a drastically more cost-effective fashion.

Meanwhile, we also envisioned the burning need of providing trust at all levels to unleash commerce potential, from deep technology levels in cloud security infrastructure up to the plate of the consumer through food retail stores.

This is why we embedded top security and blockchain technology in our service stack from the very beginning.

Now read on and see how this technology help boost sales to billions today at Carrefour retail giant...

Like it fresh, genuine, and tasty? Scan the blockchain sticker, done.

If, like reported originally by Reuters, Carrefour says blockchain tracking boosting sales of some products, to us it is only the very beginning and the promise of trust and transparency that blockchain technology conveys will spread much wider and further.

How it works:

The usage for consumers is simple: just scan with your smartphone the QR code on the product to get access to blockchain-backed comprehensive information about:

  • the product origin
  • the origin of the ingredients
  • factories information
  • supply chain and freshness information

Want your own blockchain traceability but don't have Carrefour and Nestlé's deep pockets. We have your back

While this sales increase is the result of significant investments from leading brands like Carrefour and Nestlé, with the help of IT titan IBM, people fail to notice that due to its native transparency duty, the blockchain technology is fully relying on Open Source Software.

This makes it immediately accessible to all brands of the world without license fees.

However, building one's own traceability application and label on blockchain has an initial investment and does not bring the credibility that shared industry label can bring.

Therefore, kipitapp would lead you to the most cost-effective way to quickly bring the sales boost from supply chains traceability on the blockchain for your own brand.

Just reach out to us on our contact page.


And help kipitapp help your brand sell to billions through technology.

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