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DevFad : The Shanghai global ranking of programming languages

Are you a programmer, a software engineer, a development team manager ? 

Our community of several tech communities offers to you this one-page survey: DevFad.

Read-on to discover about the 2021 edition.

Rooted in Shanghai, the DevFad survey draws the current picture and the future trends of programming languages usage, related devops and frameworks practices.

This within Mainland China, and anywhere else  in the World where someone is interested in filling it and gathering its results. For free.  

The results report you will get has the latest news on programming languages and tools,  actively used by fellows around you, with those trending techs ready to become the next big thing!

Ready to participate, solo or as a team ? Then just scan the QR code of your language in the Flyer below (or click here for Chinese or English ) .

And make sure you call your networks fellow programmers to join the band for an even clearer picture of the programmers' tech World !

Last but not least, thanks go to our partner communities for making this possible:

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