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Meet la French Tech

We featured in the Entrepreneur of the week series

If you're interested in technology, you must have heard about La French Tech. Or else if you follow Europe tech ecosystem or, on a more global scale, visit global tech events like Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show or the newer CES Asia in Shanghai.

Otherwise, take a tour on the official La French Tech website for a glimpse. In short, La French Tech is a vibrant community of tech startups spread across the world and centered in Paris.

At Kipitapp we are thrilled to be interviewed by La French Tech Shanghai team as part of their Entrepreneur of the Week feature.

Many thanks to the warm French Tech Shanghai team and to Iris the brilliant lead interviewer and to their host for the event, IT Consultis.

Discover the full interview in this Wechat Post: Entrepreneur of the week: Season 2 Episode 1.

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