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    Kipitapp provides an innovative optimized hosting solution to support unlimited business growth


    30 to 60% more performance delivered to your business instantly whenever your business peaks with millions of customers

    Sales ↗︎ Cost ↘︎︎

    Enjoy unlimited capacity expansion to support your growth seamlessly while saving up to 60% on traditional hosting during the night and low traffic time

    Reliable & secure

    Kipitapp's military-grade security includes unique ransomware-safe backup technology protecting your business against ever-growing security threats.

    Kipitapp engineers don't sleep so that you do: 24/7 trouble-free support by security-minded professionals, helped by an auto-healing, highly redundant infrastructure.


    Global Web App Market ... for free apps

    The full range of latest applications available instantly for your business to benefit faster than the pack. Just click and pick the latest most popular free open source star applications ... for free on Kipitapp App Market, and let your business thrive with the best of e-commerce, marketing big data analysis, or the internet of things latest and hottest apps

    Flexible x1000

    Kipitapp infrastructure adapts real-time to your web or mobile app lowest or highest loads. From garage startup business to the largest establishments, with up to 1 to 1000 elasticity ratio in a standard offer, you know you will use and pay only what your real business needs. And you can expand even further than x1000 with Kipitapp custom solutions. Millions of users expect no less

  • Packed with unique features

    Unlimited power, unlimited apps, unbreakable security

  • Easy to implement

    Your web application is just 3 steps away


    Obtain your kipitapp account


    Instantiate App

    Pick the available app template to start



    Configure and launch

  • You're in great company

    Support and services so that you never feel left alone

  • Our experts help you select and configure the right application

    We manage your project up to success

    We maintain your system always at top availability and performance level around the clock

    We drive continuous innovation ahead of your competitors

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