• Ultimate data protection

    Kipitapp provides the supreme security stack

    Military grade security

    Provide best European Security protection with our Partner on MGCS

    Top global brands and promising unicorn startups must keep absolute confidentiality of their design secrets, customer information, and other Intellectual Property. Which are under attack 24x7 in highly competitive global environments.
    Kipitapp is proud to offer the best of the breed of secured servers, applications, and networks thanks to its strategic partnership with the European Leader in Military Grade Cloud security.

    Full Stack Security

    Top security is a multi-layered architecture

    Kipitapp achieves security at each layer of your web app and IT architecture thanks to its unique Security Full Stack covering:

    • Internet layer
    • LAN layer
    • Virtualization layer
    • OS layer
    • Application layer
    • Human layer
    • Ransomware-safe backup and recovery layer

    Special system kernel

    the backbone of your system security

    Kipitapp offers MGCS secured Linux kernel. It defeats kernel level attacks. It allows Kipitapp customers to divert attacks away from them. Leaving Kipitapp customers applications immune to these types of attacks. And attackers busy somewhere else ...

    Special secure networking

    a unique cross-layers network protection

    Traditional security protections are technology-focused and usually leave a composite system with several blocks vulnerable.

    Kipitapp developed a unique cross-layer security framework that builds a wall untakable by attackers. The network protections, therefore, benefit from system and application protections to unroot attacks without providing any signals to the attackers. Kipitapp customers, therefore, benefit also from performance, cost and speed advantage as much fewer network and system resources are wasted on attack-response mechanisms.

    Special secure applications

    application level protections

    With our partner, we provide application-level protection product and SecOps services, which together protect against up to 99% of known vulnerabilities, such as the famous SQL Injections and other application-level attacks.

    Special human workforce securization

    strengthen the weak piece in the security chain

    Humans often are the weak piece in the security chain. We design and implement extreme uncompromising measures to reduce the human factor in security risks where humans, whether intentionally or not, would be in a position to weaken your data confidentiality, availability or integrity.

    Continuous security monitoring and research

    to win the cat-and-mouse play

    Security threats and protections evolve constantly. We keep your game up in this play by being a forward-looking actor in this ecosystems, constantly developing newer products and services to protect early against emerging new threats. Kipitapp's Security Operation services "SecOps" is a guarantee for our customers to play safely in the long run.

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